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Hi, I am Marta. I like handsome guys
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Hi, honey!

I am an girl who loves having fun ;) so I am sure we can have a great time together.

Classy, intelligent, optimistic yet with an extremely naughty streak makes an excellent choice choosing me from hundreds of web models!

A pleasant evening or night, with a beautiful and sexy lady who can fulfill your fantasies, what can be more exiting?

My main goal is to make you a little happier, dear guest!

 MartaStill1 Hi, honey! custom pic 1

Type of guy I would fall in love with

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I like guys who are know how to treat someone right.

I like guys who are compassionate and could be by my side. I prefer someone that is a texter because I don’t like being on the phone. I also like guys who wears glasses, it's kinda handsome.

I think having a guy who have things in common with me is something I really want. I don’t care about the hair or if he has a mustache or not. I just love smart guys, who can understand me... 


MartaStill1 Aww... custom pic 1 MartaStill1 Aww... custom pic 2

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Милота-плюшевая! Ну и попка красивая!)
Очень красивая и приятная девушка :)
Самая прекрасная в мире
Thank you, darlings, for tips!

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Dream destination - Vietnam

Unpopular on Southeast Asia trips for a while, it’s getting it’s reputation back this year, owing a lot to it’s amazing cuisine.

I am a big fan of cultural travel and getting to know the nitty gritty side of a country, and Vietnam is a place I would love to explore more and get to know better.

From the beautiful coastline to the green countrysides to the bustling cities full of history, I know I would love Vietnam.

Golden Bridge, Vietnam Jonas Hornehøj on Instagram: “After almost a full month in Hanoi, we were so ready for a quick change, and that we got! Last night we arrived in Ha Long and decided to…”

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